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Tenants: Make The Best First Impression On Landlords

With so many people looking for rental accommodation, it is important that tenants are aware that there is an elevated level of competition in the market place. This means some landlords can afford to be selective about who they let their premises to, and this means some tenants may need to win their landlord over. There is a need for tenants to make the best first impression on landlords, and at Kilostate, we know how nerve wracking the process can be, so we are here to offer some tips for tenants when they meet a potential landlord.


 Tenants should be prepared

One of the most important tips for a tenant is to be prepared before they meet a landlord. There will be several things the landlord needs from a tenant at the first meeting, and it is vital that you have these items. The landlord will likely inform you of what you need to bring, but if they don’t, consider bringing the following items:


Identification stating you are who you say you are

Proof of employment and/or income

References from current or previous employers

References from current or previous landlords


If a landlord has asked you for any further information or documents, please bring this along.


If a landlord can choose between several potential tenants, all of whom pass the vetting stage, don’t you think making a positive impression will increase your chances of being selected to stay in the property?



If all other aspects are equal between a few potential tenants, showing that you re thoughtful and can be trusted is a wonderful way to increase the likelihood of being allowed to stay in the property.


Listen to the landlord

Another important yet simple tip to consider when meeting a landlord is to listen to what they have to say. The landlord will likely have a few rules or expectations regarding the property, and if you want to be the person who can stay in the property, it makes sense to listen to these rules, to acknowledge them and to abide by them. If you ask questions about the property and show a level of engagement, the landlord is more likely to trust and respect you, and this may make all the difference you need when it comes to finding the right property.


Most of the tips to remember when meeting a landlord are based in common sense. Turn up on time, look presentable, be prepared and have a conversation about yourself, about the property and the local area. You want to make the landlord feel at ease when it comes to thinking about you loving in their property and how you act when you meet for the first time will have a substantial impact on this.


At Kilostate, we know the difficulties people face in the rental market, and it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. This is as true for tenants as it is for landlords, and this is why it is important to make the best possible impression at all times. If you are looking for support in the rental market, contact Kilostate and we will do our best in helping you make your next move.

Dal Singh

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